Roger Dennis

Portfolio: Still Life

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Blue jug with yellow background

Studio still life.

Oil on canvas
53cm x 41cm

Red Studio Still Life

A rambling studio collection including an open book of Matisse and a closed booklet of Cezanne.

Oil on canvas
51cm x 86cm

Still Life in Blue and Brown

Acrylic on paper

Studio Still Life with Jug and brass tray

Pastel on Paper

Studio Still Life Blue version

51cm x 86cm

Still Life with Jug, Onions, Fruit

Acrylic on paper
42cm x 58.5cm

Still Life with Window

Still Life and Landscape painted in a limited palette.

Oil on canvas
61cm x 77cm

Still Life with Fruit

Oil on canvas

Still Life Textures

Watercolour on Paper
37cm x 54cm

Still Life with Teapot

Acrylic on paper