Roger Dennis

Portfolio: Sketches and sketchbook pages

Small immediate paintings done on site. Whole image not always displayed - select to reveal full image.

Dartington Gardens with Henry Moore statute

Watercolour on Paper
20cm x 28cm

Hound Tor from the north sketch

A sketch painted among the scratch of heather, gorse, myrtle as a rain threatens. Holly trees adding only an illusion of shelter.

Watercolour on Paper
20cm x 25cm

Mouth of the Dart

Click on image to see full double-page spread of landscape format A4 book

Watercolour and pencil
20cm x 54cm

Winter Lane

Click on image to see full panorama. Track in woods on Dartmoor

Watercolour on Paper
12.7cm x 21.1cm

First sketch of Emsworthy Gate, winter

A quick watercolour while the frost was still on the path.

Watercolour on Paper
14.5cm x 20cm

North Devon Bridge 2

One of a series of sketches that turned into a series of paintings. Small off-white A6 sketchpad

Watercolour and oil pastel resist
10cm x 14cm

Cottage on Dartmoor (Jordan Mill)

A quick watercolour sketch with artist's licence applied to architecture.

Watercolour on Paper
13cm x 20cm

Dartington Swan and Azaleas

Click on image to see full double page spread of two separate A6 off-white sketch pad.

Watercolour, ink line, oil pastel resist
10cm x 28cm

Turning in Green Lane Up Bowden Hill

Click on image to see full panorama/double page spread. From the sketchbook. Sketched on one of my local walks. Very over-grown stone barn [left], red-earth lane [central], field gate [right]

Watercolour on Paper
20cm x 56cm

Yarner corner

Mixed Media on paper

Luscombe Cross

Detail shown from original double-page spread of sketchbook.

Ink wash, line and chalk on paper
10" x 16"

Garden sketches

Watercolour, ink and oil pastel resist