Roger Dennis

Portfolio: "Invocations And Portraits"

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54 Poems. A collaboration: each poem of mine is paired with one by musician and poet Steve Day. Published by

Open Edition
Book; cover image, design, & internal illustrations


Our Lady of Staverton

Sketch of the figure carved by Dougie Rouse that used to stand in Staverton churchyard. Reproduced as the cover design of INVOCATIONS AND PORTRAITS poetry collaboration.

Watercolour and Ink
18cm x 14cm

Dartmoor Dreaming

An invocation of Dartmoor, frontispiece for INVOCATIONS AND PORTRAITS. "North the bleak wet playground of the Moor/ loamy with fog and ancient history."

Pen on Paper
21cm x 15cm


Alternative version of the drawing accompanying the opening section "Invocations - Overtures." Black-and-white contrasts, whereas the book version uses more textures.

Pen on Paper
21cm x 15cm

In The Full Of The Moon (1)

Stippled drawing, an interpretation of the painting 'In The Full Of The Moon,' used as theme for INVOCATIONS AND PROTRAITS. One of 3 variations illustrating separate sections.

Pen on Paper
19cm x 8cm

In The Full Of The Moon

The painting source of the "theme" for illustrations in INVOCATIONS AND PORTRAITS

Acrylic on paper