Roger Dennis

Portfolio: Watercolours 1 - Dry

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Jordan Mill Cottages

Developed from an intensive sketch done in the warmer January days of 1990, this painting completed a year later formed part of my first organised explorations of watercolour techniques.

Watercolour on Paper
51cm x 68cm

North Devon Bridge #1

Pure watercolour techniques. Many versions of the 'motif' in the sketchbook.

Watercolour on Paper
55cm x 76cm

North Devon Bridge 2 (Red Tree and Bridge)

Watercolour over oil pastel resists, with Indian Ink line and wash, on full sheet watercolour paper. From series of North Devon Bridges

Mixed Media on paper
53cm x 74cm

Garden Path

Watercolour on Paper

Powder Mills

Site sketch of one of several chimneys at Powder Mills, off the Two Bridges/Postbridge road

Watercolour on Paper
42cm x 58cm

Thunder storm over the terrace, Crenham

Watercolours, oil pastel resist, indian ink, gouache

Mixed Media
40cm x 50cm

Study for Dartmoor Grazer (Haytor)

Watercolour, Indian Ink, and Oil Pastel used as resist

Mixed Media
40cm x 50cm

North Devon Bridge #12

Three small bridges in the Welcome area of North Devon formed an inexhaustible source of subject-matter in the Nineties.

20cm x 22cm

Aspiran from the Hill #1

An early 1990's watercolour exploration painting.

Watercolour on Paper
35cm x 52cm