Roger Dennis

Portfolio: Drawings

Sketches and studies. Whole image not always displayed, select to show.

Border Crossing

Inspired by Jennie Osbourne's poem, "Border Crossing," exhibited in Teignmouth Poetry Festival 2017 "Borders" Poetry-&-Art Event

Charcoal on Paper
43cm x 74cm

Self-portraits in France

Pastel on Paper

Aspiran through the trees #3

A study on pink paper for further watercolour and oil paintings.

Pastel on Paper
43cm x 58cm

New Year Redux

Charcoal drawing done to accompany poem "New Year Redux" by Martin Figure for Teignmouth Poetry Festival 2019 Poetry-and-Art Exhibition/Event "Song and Dance." Recollections of the Sixties!

Charcoal on Paper
59cm x 84cm

Painting the Still Life

A quick sketch done during one on my studio classes.

Charcoal on Paper
59cm x 84cm

Steps in Dartington Hall Gardens

From the green sketchbook. A disciplined site sketch done with three pre-diluted ink washes, neat ink, brush and pen.

Indian ink wash and line
20cm x 28cm

Ruined Cottage near Swinecombe #5

A rendering down after several paintings.

Charcoal on Paper
38cm x 54cm

Ruined Cottage near Swinecombe 3

What started off as a painting wanted to become a drawing.
The version that for me best captures the atmosphere of the ruin: one of those rare Dartmoor cottages renovators and improvers haven't got their claws into!

Acrylic and charcoal on canvas
38cm x 53cm


Charcoal on Paper
29cm x 21cm

Apples and saucer

a larger drawing on buff paper (some shadow to right hand side.)

Pastel on Paper

Riverside Traffic, Kingsbridge

Looking across the river just as walkers and cars pass by on the other side

Charcoal on Paper
55cm x 27cm

View from Aspiran Hill

A collage with additional pastel, one of the earliest interpretations of the 'motif', following several sketches, and preceding more naturalistic large pastel, watercolour, and oil versions. Not for sale.

Collage with pastel
40cm x 57cm