Roger Dennis

Portfolio: Landscape into Abstract

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Painting in Red and Yellow

One of the few pieces that did not start with a particular sketch of a specific place or object.
An exploration of the spaces formed by our experience of our environment and landscape. Working with balance and almost-symmetries and texture of paint.

Oil on canvas
60cm x 92cm

Trees and Fields (sleeping figure)

Abstract landscape of trees, plouged and grass field with gate. Shapes of a reclining figure is hinted at.

Oil on canvas
59.6cm x 96cm


Blue Wall [Between Walls, Between Tors]

Dartmoor view from Blackslade Down looking to Hamel Down over Widdicombe church and Blackslade farm.

Oil on canvas
91cm x 123cm

£2,500.00 Framed

Hound Tor Yellow and Blue

Studio study from sketches done on Dartmoor.

Acrylic over charcoal on paper
38cm x 58.5cm

Hound Tor Abstract

Based on the northern approach to a popular Dartmoor feature. Outcome of a long series of site sketches and studio studies, some of which are available in this portfolio.

Oil on canvas
40.5cm x 71cm

Hound Tor From The North

28cm x 40.5cm

Emsworthy Gate Abstract

Culmination of series of sketches, studies and paintings.
Gold light of winter, looming shapes, net of textures.

Oil on canvas
57cm x 67cm

Emsworthy Gate Winter

Oil on canvas
89cm x 122cm

£1,800.00 Framed

Emsworthy Gate Study

Emsworthy Gate in a more peaceful, atmospheric mood.

Oil on Board
26cm x 38cm


River Dart no. 4

Studio version abstracting from sketches done by the River Dart and Webburn near Spidgewick.

Oil on canvas
40cm x 66cm

River Dart abstract study

Pastel on Paper
42cm x 58cm


Study done from sketches.

Distemper over charcoal
59cm x 88.4cm

Purple Grazer [Hay Tor, Dartmoor]

Oils. Strong colour dragged over warm-tinted ground, using ground strongly.
View of Hay Tor from the Saddle Tor and Ashburton road approach.

Oil on canvas
61cm x 76.2cm

Yarner corner

Mixed Media on paper


View from near the road across fields of Challacombe Down and farm in winter. Thorn trees and old field-walls.

Oil on canvas
61cm x 81cm
Can be seen at Blue Indigo Gallery

Below Rippon Tor

Acrylic on paper
38cm x 53cm

Ruined Cottage, Swincombe

A dwelling well on the return to nature, more of a tor than architecture, a conglomeration of stone and trees.
Sienna and Ochre, braced with blue.

Oil on Paper
35.5cm x 48.3cm

£250.00 Framed

Dartington Swan and Azaleas

A much larger palette than most of the others in this group, playing the brightness of Spring sun-caught azaleas against the cool shade of large trees and the sound of water tinkling in Sukop's ambiguous double-swan fountain.

Oil on Paper on Board
33cm x 48.5cm

The Flood

Abstract study in black, white and yellow ochre. Exceptional in being more about an idea than a particular space and place.

Acrylic on paper
36cm x 33cm

£450.00 Framed

Thunder storm over the terrace

Watercolours, oil pastel resist, indian ink, gouache

Mixed Media
40cm x 50cm

House On The Moor

Acrylic on canvas
91cm x 120cm