Roger Dennis

Portfolio: Landscape into Abstract

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Hound Tor Sketch

Drawing done on site with charcoal and white conte on grey paper. Part of the Hound Tor from the North Through Trees series of sketches, studies, and abstracts

Charcoal on Paper
33cm x 46cm

Hound Tor from the north sketch

A sketch painted among the scratch of heather, gorse, myrtle as a rain threatens. Holly trees adding only an illusion of shelter.

Watercolour on Paper
20cm x 25cm

Hound Tor From The North

Giclée print available

28cm x 40.5cm

Hound Tor Yellow and Blue

Studio study from sketches done on Dartmoor.

Giclée print available

Acrylic over charcoal on paper
38cm x 58.5cm

Hound Tor Abstract

Based on the northern approach to a popular Dartmoor feature. Outcome of a long series of site sketches and studio studies, some of which are available in this portfolio.

Oil on canvas
40.5cm x 71cm

First sketch of Emsworthy Gate, winter

A quick watercolour while the frost was still on the path.

Watercolour on Paper
14.5cm x 20cm

Emsworthy Gate Winter

Oil on canvas
89cm x 122cm

£1,200.00 Framed

Emsworthy Gate Study

Oil on Board
26cm x 38cm


Emsworthy Gate Abstract

Culmination of series of sketches, studies and paintings.
Gold light of winter, looming shapes, net of textures.

Oil on canvas
57cm x 67cm

River Dart field study

Watercolour on Paper

Dart River site sketch 2

Watercolour on Paper

River Dart study 1

Oil on canvas

River Dart study 3

Oil on canvas

River Dart no. 4

Studio version abstracting from sketches done by the River Dart and Webburn near Spitchwick.

Oil on canvas
40cm x 66cm

River Dart abstract study

Pastel on Paper
42cm x 58cm