Roger Dennis

Portfolio: Watercolours

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North Devon Bridge 2 (Red Tree and Bridge)

Watercolour over oil pastel resists, with Indian Ink line and wash, on full sheet watercolour paper. From series of North Devon Bridges

Mixed Media on paper
53cm x 74cm

North Devon Bridge

Watercolour on Paper
55cm x 76cm

North Devon Bridge 3

Watercolour over oil pastel resists with ink. On two separate sheets of paper [vertical join in centre.] Part of a series of North Devon Bridges. Studio painting based on sketches.

Watercolour and mixed media
56cm x 76cm

Basket of Fruit, or, A Ripe Pair of Plums

Quick water-colour "drawing" of fruit still life struck by sunlight falling through the window

Watercolour on Paper
20cm x 26cm

Flowers and Fishjug

Wet-in-wet watercolour painting. Some dry edges.

Watercolour on Paper
53cm x 74cm


Flowers and Fishjug 2

Watercolour on Paper
76cm x 55cm

Garden Path

Watercolour on Paper

Hound Tor from the north sketch

A sketch painted among the scratch of heather, gorse, myrtle as a rain threatens. Holly trees adding only an illusion of shelter.

Watercolour on Paper
20cm x 25cm

Powder Mills

Site ketch of one of several chimneys at Powder Mills, off the Two Bridges/Postbridge road

Watercolour on Paper
42cm x 58cm

Thunder storm over the terrace

Watercolours, oil pastel resist, indian ink, gouache

Mixed Media
40cm x 50cm

Study for Dartmoor Grazer (Haytor)

Watercolour, Indian Ink, and Oil Pastel used as resist

Mixed Media
40cm x 50cm